Entry: The Gal Pal Gang Revolution Has Arrived Jan 13, 2005

Since the 1950ís, there have been these phenomenal characters called Super Heroes. Over the years, the value of superheroes was diminished, as evil sought to envelop the Earth. But, hope was till present, as the year 1989 came around. Seven girls who would become the next breed of superheroes were born and it was their destiny to protect their town of Kemptville and the world. Each young girl gained their superhero through some sort of freak accident or turn of events that gave them super-duper powers. Most of them were given a mutation of their body part. However, they didnít have those boob guns you may see on television (still affective though).

They all discover that they have these extraordinary powers and form the first group of all-girl superheroes. They become The Gal Pal Gang. This may sound like a name chosen for a Scooby Doo spin-off, but it worked for them (mainly because it rhymed). They would become the most loved and feared group in all of Kemptville. Follow their adventures as they save the innocent from imminent doom! You may document their lives as The Gal Pal Gang explore and add adventures to the book. You are the chosen ones to be given the care of these scriptures of their life, so take care of this book. Super speed!


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