wailfulrhyme » I wanted to tag you on lost in absence, but every time I click on it, it brings me here. I'm sorry all the comments are spam, I wish I would've had more to say while you were still updating it.
wailfulrhyme » Heya, thinking of you! and yes, you should update. =p
Halcyon » to you too
Ang » *Waves*
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Anthony » You should update. It will be the best thing for you. Trust me.
Sleepy » I want to update, but I'm so lazy.
blueskelton » funny stuff
Theoneaodave » Rockon!
junkodaddy » your blog is awsome! i love the comic thingies, come and checkout my blog please!
Diearist » I read a lot of graphic novels and manga.. not really like the Marvel comics genre but the same principal. And yeah, considering the geniuses writing them, we aren't stupid for reading them.
Halcyon » super clem!
BlueSkelton » Go Superclem
Sleepy » Tish I left my plunger at your house I think
wailfulrhyme » rawr! interesting! hehe.
sparkler » this is awesome-ness to the max! you're the best!
.tishbite. » it's a period where we work on school work... like study hall, or so they say in american TV
Velvet » What in the hell? Heh. Cool idea What's MSIP class?
Sleepy » I learn from the best stephi.
im god ,so fuck u ! » ur an idiot LOL
.tishbite. » awesome idea! lookin forward to some adventures!
Sleepy » Enjoy folks!